New gasoline station launches website to show customers a better way at the pump

Cox Petrol launched its new website to showcase the introduction of the newest brand of independent gasoline and gasoline stations in Texas

Showcasing the tag line, “Evolving the Fueling Experience,” the new website delivers on the Cox Petrol promise to make the gasoline-buying experience better for both customers and independent gas station owners, according to Michael Cox, vice president of sales for the brand.

“We’ve designed the website to be as customer-friendly as our gasoline service stations,” Cox said. “For consumers, buying gasoline is at best a chore that is often aggravated by fuel pumps and premises that are dirty and littered,” he explained. “At Cox, we’re making the gas buying experience pleasurable with an approach that reveals the pride we have in our product and the focus we have on our customers.”

The website’s look mirrors that of the new stations and explains some of the aggressive operational and marketing plans that the company says are calculated in order to change the pump experience and help station owners increase sales and profits.

Two of the new programs that are being implemented under the new Cox Petrol fueling concept are Fender Vendorâ„¢ and Cox Fuel Friends. Fender Vendor allows customers to purchase sodas at the fuel pump while they are filling up their cars and pay for all of their purchases with one swipe of their credit card. “You never even need to take young children out of their car seat,” Cox explained. Cox Fuel Friends is a frequent buyer program that allows customers to earn cents-per-gallon off on future purchases. Both Cox Fuel Friends and Fender Vendor will be available during the next 60 days.

The site also is home to the “Tank Talk Blog,” which will regularly update readers on store promotions and offer unique insights on topics such as gasoline prices, driving vacation ideas and how-to-do-it-better tips to keep in mind, from road trips and tailgate parties to nutrition on the road and fuel efficiency.

Cox Petrol plans to expand the network to some 30 stations during the next 16 months.