Hydrogen refuelling stations to open in Slovenia

Hydrogen refuelling stations to open in Slovenia

This summer, the first two hydrogen refuelling stations in Slovenia will be put in operation. The project is financed and coordinated by the Center of Excellence for Low-Carbon Technologies (CONOT), and project partners include INEA, expert in the field of industrial automation, process computer control and manufacturing informatics, and Petrol, Slovenia’s leading energy company and principal supplier of fuel, which will operate the hydrogen stations

A hydrogen fueled bus at a Petrol Slovenia stations

The stations will be delivered by Air Liquide by the end of July. One of the hydrogen stations will be installed in the city of Velenje and the other will be located in the Municipality of Bled, in the Julian Alps and one of Slovenia’s most picturesque and popular tourist destinations with more than 200,000 visitors annually. Bled has already seen the promotion of hydrogen for transportation, with the demonstration of a Rampini fuel cell bus and a Fiat Multipla vehicle during the 2011 World Rowing Championships at Lake Bled.

The project partners emphasise their intention to ensure the hydrogen stations stay in operation and welcome proposals for the deployment of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in these Slovenian regions.

Source Petro Plaza


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