Stay in compliance- spend the time before you pay the fine

A compliance inspection can be uncomfortable. Like getting audited, we all cross our fingers and hope it never happens. If we are not prepared, the consequences are costly.

Working with Fenley & Nicol is like having a good accountant – we teach you what regulator’s look for and show you simple ways to avoid fines. We provide our clients with low-cost, non-regulatory inspections. Our compliance experts inspect your facility, generate a comprehensive report, and work with you to find easy, manageable solutions that fit into your day-to-day operations. The information is completely confidential and what you do with it is up to you.

If you have already received a Notice of Violation we can help. A regulator’s job is not to collect fines, it is to get you to keep your facility in compliance. The right response can go a long way in negotiating an agreeable outcome. Let us get the violation removed, reduce your fines, and get your facility back into compliance.


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